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My Great-Great-Grandfather, Louis Charles Willmott, was a celebrated artisan goldsmith and silversmith in London in the late nineteenth century.  Beginning in 1894, under the partnership of Bell & Willmott (Oxford Street, London), he and his partner James Samuel Bell created silver and gold jewelry and other finely crafted items which carried their London Makers Mark of JB-LW.  In 1906, Louis and James mutually agreed to dissolve their partnership and Louis remained at the same location on Oxford Street, creating jewelry and other valuables under his solo name using the London Makers Mark of LW.


Louis established a reputation as one of the leading gold- and silversmiths of his time, and King Edward VII became one of his most notable regular customers. Rumor has it the King frequently kept Louis busy discreetly making many fine jewelry and other personal items as gifts for the King’s multiple mistresses. Several of Louis Willmott’s creations are still highly valued and continue to be bought and sold through Christie’s of London and other notable auction houses. Most celebrated is the fact that many of his photograph frames and those made by Bell & Willmott remain in the Royal Collection.


Today, I am honored to carry on the Willmott family legacy of creating artisan, one-of-a-kind jewelry items, specifically designed for the diamond connoisseur and those with an eye for fine quality craftsmanship and unique custom designs. Since moving from England to the U.S., I have continued helping loyal clients acquire the very finest diamonds and jewelry, and entirely by personal referral business (without advertising at all).  We have now decided it is time to share our trade secrets to allow many more new clients to experience what makes Wilmöt the ultimate brand name in luxury fine jewelry!


If you are being referred to us as a soon-to-be engaged couple shopping for the perfect engagement or wedding ring, or as someone looking for a timeless gift to present on another of life’s most meaningful occasions, we are delighted to be able to assist you in this exciting endeavor!


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